Luxury Real Estate by Gal Yam

The apartments

Gal Yam offers 35 spacious
boutique apartments, with 25
different layouts to choose from.
This wide selection makes nearly
every apartment unique.All ground
floor units enjoy a garden for
entertaining and relaxation. All other
apartments offer a large balcony,
either overlooking the sea with
excellent views to the north-west
and south-west along the coast or
on to the lush surrounding gardens.
Whichever wayyou prefer, the
generously proportioned apartments
give you ample space to create the
everyday life you desire.
tylish and intelligent interior
design has created extremely
roomy apartments which are
both functional and stimulating.
Developer Danna Azrieli and interior
designer Orly Shrem suggest
some inspirational approaches to
contemporary lifestyle.
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